Treasurer Turnover

There are a handful of tasks to be performed when transitioning from one Board Treasurer to another, as well as words of wisdom to minimize headaches.

Paying the NP Lease and Loan

Because CHEA and NP use different credit unions, the Velocity web interface will only permit transactions under a certain amount (assumed to be around $9k). Thus payments are split up.

To make matters more confusing you can’t send transactions of the same amount in succession. In practice this means I usually send:

  1. A payment of $7000.00
  2. A payment of $7000.01
  3. Lease Payment - (14000.01)
  4. The loan payment (usually about $182).

This usually cuts it.

Bank Accounts

The outgoing treasurer must be taken off all CHEA accounts, including house accounts. The incoming treasurer needs to be added to all relevant accounts. See the Bylaws Section 8 for more information.

Debit Cards

There are two main issues to consider regarding credit cards:

  1. The new Treasurer must be issued a new debit card for the CHEA accounts; and
  2. Any services which are paid using the outgoing treasurer’s debit cards must be transferred to the new debit card.

Services paid for with the treasurer’s debit card

These are services paid for with the corporate debit card. IT IS IMPORTANT TO SWITCH THESE OVER TO YOUR NEW CARD WHEN YOU TAKE OFFICE. The old cards will be canceled and will not work any more.


Without getting into the technical parts, one vital service we use for this very website is DigitalOcean. This is paid for using the Treasurer’s debit card.

DigitalOcean credentials are included with other account and password information.

Acquire Passwords for QuickBooks, Bank, etc

The current Treasurer (Gatlin) keeps account information in a secure file which may be opened using KeePassX. KeePassX is available for every major desktop platform and doesn’t cost any money.

Future Treasures may decide to do things differently or maybe the board will come up with a technology policy that handles this.

How to use these various services

In progress.